The Oregon Board of Barbers and Hairdressers has announced that it will begin enforcing a long-standing regulation that states “floor surfaces in the working area of a shop shall be of a washable, non-absorbent material and shall be kept clean, orderly, and in good repair.”

The state board previously allowed some types of carpeting to be used in work areas, but members decided at the May 5, 1993, board meeting that carpeting does not meet the safety and sanitation requirements designed to ensure work areas are kept clean, especially where chemicals might be spilled.

The state board emphasizes that salons do not have to remove carpeting; but they must cover carpeted nail and hair station work areas with a non-absorbent material. Plastic floor mats or floor runners under work stations in carpeted areas are more than adequate, says Monica Leisten of the State Board As of NAILS’ press time, the board had not decided how much area around a table must be covered by a non-absorbent material.

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