Katherian Harris, owner of Sherwood Hair Design in Odessa, Texas, finds it lucrative to advertise her salon in event programs. Her ad in a brochure for the Midland-Odessa Symphony & Chorale brought an older, more stable clientele into her salon, she says. “That ad attracted professional people in their late 40s,” says Harris, who doesn’t stop with the highbrow crowd. She has also advertised in a stock car racing program. “I got a lot of female car racing clients from that ad.” She says. She ran a spot ad on a place mat for a dinner sponsored by the American Cancer Society, which attracted a lot of businesspeople and, surprisingly, many of them came in for pedicures. Harris has also placed ads in an event program for the Special Olympics and in a community TV guide.

This sort of advertising really works for Harris, who likes to work closely with the community. “We cater to professional people,” she says “I do newscasters, presidents of banks. My customers range from age 8 to 83. The people you attract with these ads are more stable and they become steady clients, your regulars. They start with manicures and eventually you can get them into overlays. They are conservative but you can talk them into getting nail designs, especially around the holidays.” So what’s up next on Harris’ event agenda? She’s currently in the process of designing an ad to go into a brochure for a rodeo event to take place in January 1994 called the Sandhills Hereford and Quarterhorse show. Maybe she can round up a few professional cowgirls and cowboys this time!

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