Professional nail files that won’t “rub your clients the wrong way” have been introduced by Simply Elegant of Huntington Beach, California.

The long-lasting, colourful, two-sided files have been dubbed “Rainbow Classics” by their developer, Rudy Lenzkes, Sr.

 “Most nail files are simply sandpaper,” Rudy revealed, “but you won’t find any sand or any paper in my file line. They are made from Mylar abrasives, with ‘Dura-Pink’ center of waterproof cushioning foam. That explains their amazing ability to last 15 to 20 times longer than old-fashioned nail files. They’re practically indestructible,” he said.

Available in five grades, extrafine to extra-coarse, Rainbow Classics have several advantages. Both schools and salons will benefit from the water-resistant characteristics, which allow the files to be sanitized in alcohol without delamination or waterlogging.

 “With Rainbow Classics,” said Rudy, “some technicians report using the same file up to 40 times without loss of abrasive ability, creating extra profit for expenseminded manicurists.”

Technicians save time, too, as the Mylar abrasive cuts 25 percent faster than sandpaper or metal, and has the added advantage of minimizing heat build-up. They will not cut the cuticle, leave deep scratches, or leave a residue of black dust.

 “With Rainbow Classics, split boards are a thing of the past,” Rudy adds, “due to the Mylar bonding process.”

Through the month of April, purchases of a dozen Rainbow Classics from Simply Elegant will include a thirteenth file free.

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