Mehaz Cutlery introduces the #666 “Long John” Cuticle Nipper available from Charles G. Spilo. The extra-long 4½-inch handle rests comfortably in the manicurist’s hand, and the double spring eliminates harsh metal on metal rubbing, Available in ¼ or ½ jaw.

Mehaz also offers the “Tip” Nipper, which has an exclusive design and special spring for precise cutting and shaping of tips, natural nails and toenails. The micro-serrated cutting edge ensures a good grip that will not slip. The Tip Nipper is available in mauve, blue and white. Both of these items from Mehaz Cutlery are made in Solingen, Germany.

In addition, Spilo presents the improved Professional Nail Genie, with two speeds and a faster, more powerful motor. It includes a tray for holding all attachments, including a standard pedicure attachment.

The machine can be side-mounted or it can rest on a table top. Designed for the manicurist doing acrylic nails, the Professional Nail Genie features a four-color box. For regular manicuring and an occasional set of acrylics, the Deluxe Nail Genie is available.



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