New, from the makers of the Therabath II paraffin bath, are fluffy, insulated mitts and booties that prolong the soothing warmth of Theraffin vitamin E wax treatments for manicures and pedicures.

These accessories, sewn from sturdy, washable terry velour, are lined with 3M’s Thinsulate material. They slip on easily and look more professional than simply wrapping a towel around the hands and feet.

These and other products from WR Medical Electronics Co., will now be represented throughout the United States, the Minnesota manufacturer announced.

Mark Anderson, vice president of the firm, stated that the following reps will allow for nationwide distribution: Northeast region, Arthur Marshall Associates; Midwest and Southwest regions, the Perlman Group; Southeast region, John Roth Associates; and in the West, G & M Associates.

“Therabath treatments are becoming increasingly popular with skin care experts,” Anderson said. “Estheticians find that wax therapy provides a professional, therapeutic addition to manicures, pedicures and facials. A unique, peach-scented wax enriched with vitamin E comes with the unit.”

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