A new cuticle treatment with “natural” cleansing and healing powers has been introduced by Creative Nail Design.

The new product, entitled Solaroil, has been formulated after an ancient concept rediscovered by the firm.

“In the early 1800’s,” explained Dr. Stuart Nordstrom, president, “the Chinese discovered the healing and softening qualities of their native rice oil. Creative has rediscovered this ancient concept and enhanced its powers with special oils and Vitamin E.”

The two special oils added to the formula are jojoba oil and sweet almond oil; both serve important functions.

“Research has shown vitamin E to be a natural blocking agent to the ageing process as it preserves and prolongs the skin’s lifespan.

“Combined with the special quality of jojoba oil to penetrate the skin, Solaroil acts as an effective cleansing agent. Sweet almond oil gently adds an elegant fragrance to Solaroil,” said Dr. Nordstrom.

Solaroil is recommended as a cuticle treatment that also enhances the natural softness of the hands, according to the company.

“Use Solaroil daily with Solarnails as well as natural nails. A simple application on the cuticle area will produce amazing results in just days. Apply Solaroil to your polished nails to speed drying and develop a perfect finish,” explained Nordstrom.

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