Luxury Gem Wax Collection

by NAILS Staff | October 26, 2017 | Satin Smooth | Add-On Services

Satin Smooth’s Luxury Gem Wax Collection features three newly formulated waxes blended with milled semiprecious gemstones influenced by the chakra collection. Theory has it that these gemstones, through colors, weights and magnetic properties, can influence a person’s mood and provide a sense of comfort. This collection is infused with coconut oil and other nutrients that help nourish the skin and provide better hydration for healthier-looking skin. Golden quartz, amethyst, and tourmaline gemstones create alluring pearlescent waxes, with a low melting point and outstanding viscosity, for easily controlled and quick application. Like all Satin Smooth waxes, they are created with Italian beeswax, enriched premium rosinate for soft waxes, and microcrystalline complex for flex hard wax application. These ingredients allow quick adherence to hair and softening of the hair shaft to prevent breakage.

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