SeptiFile 4-Way Nail File and Stainless Steel Foot File

by NAILS Staff | December 8, 2015 | Backscratchers | Feet

Backscratchers Salon Systems has added two new products to its SeptiFile stainless steel implement line. The new 4-Way Nail File allows for use of four different replaceable abrasives in varying grits to be used at the same time, saving nail techs both time and money. The new Stainless Steel Foot File contours to the curves of the foot and allows for greater coverage.

Available in varying coarseness, SeptiFile replaceable abrasives have an easy-peel backing so they can be disposed of after each client. Replaceable nail file abrasives also come in new Zebra grit. Foot File abrasives come in either black or white and have a foam or no-foam backing. SeptiFile Stainless Steel implements can be sanitized in antibacterial solutions or autoclaved without fear of damage.

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