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CORE Professional Acrylic Kit

by NAILS Staff | October 5, 2012 | Young Nails | Acrylic NailsNail School

Young Nails’ CORE Professional Acrylic Kit is equipped with enough Young Nails products to create 50 sets of acrylic nails. The Kit includes two Protein Bonds, Pink, Clear, White, Natural, and XXX White powders, Rose Oil, Y-UV, 100/100 File, 180/180 File, 240/240 Combo, 180/180 Combo, 180/180 Gray Sponge, Glass Dappen Dish, Manicure Brush, Eyedropper, Swipe, Brush on Glue, 100 Artistic Forms, 50 pack of Natural, Clear and White Tips in assorted sizes, and an Artistic Sculptor Brush.

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