Traditional pedicure chairs or comfy chairs with portable spas?

November 25, 2013

Traditional pedicure chairs or comfy chairs with portable spas? Which is costand space-effective?


Definitely go with the traditional pedicure chairs. Pedicure chairs are designed by somebody with only one thought in mind: allowing for a great pedicure. A chair styled for pedicures has features such as comfort, massage and reclining capabilities, and, importantly, ergonomics. A regular chair bought from a typical furniture store won’t have these features. For instance, in correctly designed pedicure chairs, the client’s feet dangle and barely touch the water, which is ideal for the service. Plus, you don’t want your client to be uncomfortable, contorting into a weird stretch in order to pass her foot to you. You also want to be comfortable yourself. You don’t want to crouch down because the tub is on the floor.

— Filippo Pagan is the president of Salon Designers International (

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