Any advice for how to afford to keep my clients in style, without winding up with a ton of extra product?

February 28, 2013

Nail style trends seem to change all the time. Matte nails are in, then out. Bright colors are in seasonally, then come the pastels. Do you have any advice for how to afford to keep my clients in style, without winding up with a ton of extra product I can’t use when a trend is no longer popular?


This is a tough one. As a tech who is likely competing against other techs in your area, offering a diverse assortment of colors and nail styles can be what sets you apart from them and makes your business successful. Nail “fashion” is becoming a lot like clothing fashion. Colors and styles are selected to go alongside what’s hot in the fashion industry. While funky treatments like matte or crackle become a trend, we manufacturers start by developing and releasing these treatments.

If it comes down to money, just keep enough in stock to have it on hand (one bottle). When you start to get low, replace it. When you start to see that color sitting longer (not getting use), mark it with a sticker to keep an eye on its use. It’s like how we run our inventory here at Star. If my usage slows, I don’t reorder. Just don’t overstock yourself on these trendy items.
Colors will always come back in season. In style or not, you’ll always have someone who just needs to wear that neon in winter to brighten her day. — Elaine Watson is a nail tech and vice president of marketing and sales and global education director for Star Nail International.

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