Nail Photography Tips, Day 6: Final Thoughts

by Holly Schippers | May 4, 2019

Have you found a photo editing app that you like? Share it in the comments below in case others are still on the hunt. I currently use Facetune, but would love to find something more user-friendly and basic. How are all the suggestions working out for you? What has been the most helpful?

Nail Photography Day 6

Here are a few general tips for photographing nails that may help. If you have additional ideas please share in the comments:

  • Avoid overusing oil on the nails. Too much oil can give the illusion of poor work.
  • Basic and free watermark apps allow you to add your hashtag or copyright to photos.
  • Look at the nails from the palm side of the hand. This makes inconsistencies in the length or shape easier to spot.
  • Watch out for rogue thumbs and pinkies. They are the most likely to throw off the balance of the photo.
  • Practice!

Hopefully, better photography will increase your confidence when it comes to posting your work on social media. Remember that we are all human; keep your comments on others’ photos kind and do not let negative people influence your perspective.

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