Keeping Up on Your Cleaning as Pedi Season Heats Up

by Holly Schippers | June 24, 2019

It’s officially summer and pedicures are in full swing. What are you doing to make sure everything stays clean and safe when everyone is in a hurry? Do you have some time-saving tips to share with fellow nail professionals in the comments below?

It is easier to stay on top of things than to play catch up. A few suggestions to get things rolling:

> Don’t let the laundry get ahead of you — throw a load in when you put remover wraps on someone or as a client washes her hands.

> If there is more than one person in the salon, work as a team. If you’re walking past dirty towels, pick them up on your way past.

> Scrub tools with soap and water right after you use them. Keep soapy water in a spray bottle and a brush on hand so that tools are ready to be rinsed and put into the disinfectant or autoclave when you finish the day or the service.

> Exchange some tidying up for services. If there is a young teen within walking distance of your salon, let her come in an hour or two each day to do laundry, clean tools, and tidy things up in exchange for a gel-polish one week, cute toes another week, a change in art the third week, etc.

Be creative with your time saving solutions so that you take a little of the pressure off yourself while continuing to offer a higher standard of clean!

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