Absolutely! It’s important to credit everyone even if it’s a meme or a quote that inspires you. It’s a form of social networking and by sharing who inspired you that might allow the next person to be inspired by something else from that page as well. 
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Absolutely! I always give credit where it’s due. If
my clients provide a picture for inspiration I always note the original tech and tag them in the description when I post my photo.
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Always tag them in my post...including products I’ve used.
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think of it as a professional courtesy to tag the original artist. I also think this is why it’s a good idea to watermark photos. So many of my clients bring in pictures of beautiful designs that they found on Pinterest, Google, etc., but with no watermark it can be hard to track down the original artist.
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Of course always give credit, but if for some reason you are unaware of the original artist, include that in the body of your post. Ask that they be tagged if the design is recognized. There is a great chance that someone who sees your posting might know where the design originated.
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Most of my clients get their designs from Pinterest, which hardly ever has a tag on it. So I say “Pinterest inspired” for my caption under the photo. 
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Always! If it wasn’t for the amazing work of some of my favorite fellow nail artists, I wouldn’t be half the artist I am for my own clients! The inspiration from others pushes me to get out of my box and try new things. Imitation is the best form of flattery after all!
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