1. Apply one coat of white paint (Ugly Duckling Schmelt It) and cure in an LED light for 45 seconds or UV light for two minutes. Apply a very thin second coat. Do not cure.

2. Using a Bio Sculpture Upper Arch brush, paint roses in Luxio Attraction, Engagement, and Delightful. Apply the gel-polish lightly to allow the colors to melt.

3. Make small strokes for leaves using Luxio Volt. Cure when you are satisfied with the amount of roses and leaves. Add tiny strokes of black to the green leaves using a Bio Sculpture Upper Arch brush and Akzéntz Gel Paint. Using the same brush, add silver details to the rose petals. Cure

4. Finish with Luxio Matte-On.

Delee Dennison, Simplicity By Design, Terrace, British Columbia, Canada

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