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Nail Art Studio: Denim & Floral

by NAILS Staff | May 1, 2019

1. Carefully dip just the tip of a gradient art brush in white gel paint (Young Nails Mission Control). Paint vertical lines down the nail. (They don’t have to be perfect; it’s more of a distressed look.) Cure. Paint horizontal lines across the nail with a gradient art brush. Cure.

2. Paint the entire nail with a light coat of blue gel. Make sure the white lines can still be seen through the blue.

3. Use a darker shade of blue gel paint to add dimension to the edges. Create creases by painting the darker shade and then wiping it away with a flat brush. With a gradient brush and white gel paint, add a few patches of white fray details. Cure.

4. Cover the entire nail with a foil gel (Gellico Foil Gel) and cure for 20 seconds. Use a floral design transfer foil and carefully press the flowers where you’d like them. Use white gel paint and a small liner brush to paint leaf details. Cure. Top with a matte top coat (Kupa Gelfinity Top Coat Matte Gel Polish) and cure.

Yolee Hicks, Las Vegas @dymenails

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