GiGi is expanding its Hard Wax Beads collection with the launch of two new formulations, Relaxing Lavender and Nourishing Aloe. Following the successful entrance into the category with its All Purpose Golden Honee and Soothing Azulene hard wax beads, GiGi Hard Wax Beads offer the results you expect in a convenient delivery system.

Developed specifically for sensitive skin and ideal for full body and face waxing, the two new GiGi Hard Wax Beads formulas deliver a superior application with minimal discomfort. Relaxing Lavender is infused with relaxing Lavender Essential Oil to calm the senses and be gentle on sensitive skin, while Nourishing Aloe is infused with nourishing Aloe Essential Oil to retain moisture and reduce overall skin irritation.

GiGi has streamlined the waxing process with its made-to-measure Hard Wax Beads collection that gives estheticians the power to heat product on an as-needed basis.  Waste less, wax more with these business-boosting wax beads packaged in bags that allow for precise pours, ensuring you only use what you need. The fast-setting and pliable formula makes removal a breeze, and high quality essential oils offer both an aromatherapy experience and provide extra skin cushioning, eliminating the need for pre-epilation oil.

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