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3-D Fanatics Create ’80s Nostalgia Nail Art

by Beth Livesay | May 17, 2019
Inspiration image via 3-D Fanatics Facebook Group

Inspiration image via 3-D Fanatics Facebook Group

If you love working with 3-D and are up for a challenge, check out the 3-D Fanatics Group on Facebook (click here to join). Each month a new 3-D nail art challenge is given. For the month of April, admin Kimberly Harr challenged group members to sculpt a rainbow creation inspired by 1980s cartoons. Kid favorites like Rainbow Brite, Care Bears, and Strawberry Shortcake were referenced in the challenge brief. Contestants had to use five nail tips and the final design had to be a mural, with nail-only products allowed. The two winners were Lisa Bennett and Stacey Schofield.

Bakersfield, Calif.-based Bennett (@lisa.b.ivystar) is no stranger to intense 3-D work. This NTNA alum and Nailympia winner drew inspiration from all three cartoons and combined them together to form a gradient mural. The entire piece is made with INM acrylic, except for the gel-polish and matte top coat used on the nail tips.

An Australian tech of six years, Stacey Schofield chose to create Care Bear-themed nail art. She molded the bears using Play Dough, sculpted with color acrylic, and hand painted the details. The rainbow slide had to be dried with a hairdryer to get the bend it needed. Nail molds were used for the droplets, which were then painted with gel-polish. Schofield’s inspiration came from a birthday cake design she found on Pinterest.


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