Like most people, I have my favorite influencers who have tutorials or instructional videos on YouTube or Instagram, but I love to look at the nail community as a whole for inspiration and education. I have found that influencers do teach a lot and have a lot of content because they have to. I love finding nail techs who have a smaller following because they have some of the more unique sets of nails since they don’t necessarily have to create content and just create because it’s fun.
Hope Jung
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Inspiration, definitely! There are so many amazing artists out there using products in new and innovative ways. Marbling chrome pigments in acrylic is one of my new favorite techniques. @kirstymeakin and  @nailcareereducation are my top influencers for education. They have great techniques, personalities, and are both so engaging with their followers.
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Influencers are so important! But then there are all kinds of influencers — amazing techs doing their thing, educators sharing knowledge, YouTubers sharing step-by-steps, authors in magazines — I think we all take inspiration from one another. Learning new skills comes from truly special influencers sharing their tips and tricks across all the major platforms, as well as in classrooms and articles. It’s amazing to see this community coming together and helping one another to be better at what we do!
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I rely mostly on educators for technique explanations and extended product knowledge. I want to make sure that I’m learning from a licensed professional so that I know that the advice and techniques are safe and sound. I look to influencers such as @celinaryden and @nailcareereducation for my gel and acrylic fix and @dellaresse and @longhairprettynails for nail art inspiration.
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