Xtens Gel Xtensions are premade gel nail tips that were designed based on sculpted gel nails. In addition to the extensions, the Xtens kit includes Xtens (n) to neutralize the oils in your nail plate during prep, Xtens (b), a bonder/builder that bonds Xtens gel extensions to the nail plate during full set applications and is used to fill nails, and Xtens Glass, a non-wipe gel top coat. An LED curing flashlight that was created specifically for the Xtens Gel Xtension System is also included. The flashlight is used to bond the Gel Xtensions into place before a full cure and to flash cure Xtens (b) in place during fill applications for a quicker, more precise application. The Xtens System was created to be easy and efficient but less damaging.

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