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How to Create Shark Week Nail Art

by NAILS Staff | August 1, 2019

See how nail artist Lisa Bennett create this awesome Shark Week nail art! Follow her on Instagram @lisa.b.ivystar.


1. Begin with a clean, buffed nail. Apply matte top coat or base coat. Cleanse the sticky layer. Using gel paint, create the horizon line and the water surface with black. Cure. Add stripes of gel color for the sky, blend, and cure.


2. Add the water surface using black, green, and blue, blending the colors together. Add water highlights with white. Cure. Blend black, blue, green, and white for water depth. Blend and cure.


3. Add another layer of colors for depth and include a lighter sea green. Blend white to create sun rays, cure, and add tiny sharks with thin black gel. Use white builder gel to create sea foam.


4. Use acrylic to sculpt the shark and clear builder gel for water droplets.  Attach droplets with builder gel, cure, and top with no cleanse top coat.

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