Crowdsourcing: Do you feel the term “acrylic” is out of date?

by Beth Livesay | August 26, 2019

Liquid and powder. And yes “acrylic” is out of date but hard to shake. Especially when teaching, I confuse novice students when referring to it as ‘liquid and powder’ and their resources and assessments refer to it as “acrylics.”
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I say acrylic or acrylic enhancements. Clients don’t know what liquid and powder is. Most clients also don’t know that dip is acrylic. It amazes me that a lot of clients don’t even know what they have on their nails. I try to educate them and tell them everything I am putting on them. I do prefer the term liquid and powder though.
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It depends who I’m talking to. Usually I’ll say liquid and powder when talking to other nail techs, but to clients, I tend to say ‘acrylic’ more just because they know exactly what I’m talking about.
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I have to say liquid and powder because everything we use is acrylic. So if a client tells me they want acrylic, I say “acrylic what?” Powder? Hard gel? Gel-polish? The term “acrylic” is too broad.
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It has to be acrylics. That is the outcome. Liquid and powder are the things you use to create acrylic nails. The real issue is the public not knowing the difference between hard gel and gel-polish. I get tons of confused clients on that one. I have personally begun calling them nail extensions though, but I think it is best to refer to them the same way our clients do to eliminate confusion.
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Both. It really just depends who I’m talking to. Sometimes clients really don’t know the difference between acrylics, liquid and powder, dip, soft gels, hard gels, or gel-acrylic hybrids. As professionals it’s up to us to educate them and explain it in a way for them to know the difference in the future.
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I educate my clients and say monomer and polymer set.
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