Nail Art Studio: Scenic Cemetery
Nail Art Studio: Scenic Cemetery

1. Apply two coats of OPI Alpine Snow gel-polish, curing between coats. Wipe tacky layer with at least 70% rubbing alcohol to prep for next step.

2. Using a yellow Sharpie marker, draw a moon in the top right corner. Then use a black Sharpie to make 2-3 lightning bolt-shaped lines in the top half of the nail, then outline the moon, taking care not to overlap it. Using green and orange Sharpie markers, draw rotating squiggles in the bottom half of the nail.

3. Dip a small paintbrush in the rubbing alcohol and lightly dab onto each color beginning with the yellow to give a glowing moon effect. Repeat with the black to form the sky for a marbleized effect. Dab the green and orange to form the ground.

4. Using a fine brush and black gel-polish, draw a bat, tombstones, and a cross. Cure. Top with UV or LED top coat. Cure as directed and cleanse if required.

Kristy “Cookie” Owens, Claws By Cookie Nail Studio, Greenville, S.C. @ClawsByCookie

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