The full tutorial is up on my YouTube channel (link in bio) These nails were made with love. I created these wedding nails for my cousin Charlotte. Her father (my uncle Mick) sadly passed away at the end of April this year. He was an absolute legend, patient, kind and loved by so many. It was so sad that he couldn't be there to walk his daughter down the aisle on her big day. This got me thinking..... I wanted Charlotte to have her Father with her is some way or another . I came up with the idea to use Micks ashes in her nails. This way he would be there holding her hand as she walks down the aisle. This was an emotional day for us both and we are so please with how they turned out. I'm going to remove the nails for Charlotte after they have grown out for around 4 weeks so they will be preserved and kept in a keep sake box as a beautiful memory of the day. What better way to have used a tiny amount of ashes to bring such happiness. Rest in peace uncle Mick we love you dearly Thanks for the support beautiful people Kirsty Meakin

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Nail artist and YouTube star Kirsty Meakin of Naio Nails created an incredibly meaningful set of nails for her cousin Charlotte Watson. When Watson’s father passed away before her wedding, Meakin embedded his ashes in a set of clear acrylic nails for her cousin. “I came up with the idea to use Mick’s ashes in her nails,” explains Meakin in the description for her YouTube video about the process. “This way he would be there holding her hand as she walks down the aisle.”

"The ashes were in a little glass pot and we looked through them and picked the pieces we thought would work," Meakin told the BBC. She plans to remove the nails after they grow out and preserve them in a keepsake box for Watson.

"It really felt like he was there," Watson told the BBC. 

Watch Meakin's video about creating these nails below: 

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