1. Apply base coat (The Gel Bottle Rubber Base) and cure. Then apply blue (TGB Electric Blue) to three-quarters of the nail and teal (TGB Blue Lagoon) to the rest of the nail. Use an ombre brush to create a gradient and cure. Repeat the gradient twice. Use a small detail brush to create the outline of a fall leaf in white.

2. Fill in the leaf with white and cure.

3. Using a small brush and a variety of colors (yellow, orange, green, red, etc.), start adding shading and dimension to your leaf. (Using a picture of a leaf as a reference will help.) Once you have your desired look, cure and add fine lines using a detail brush with white and red. 

4. Use a matte top coat (TGB Matte Top) to cover the whole design and cure. Add little clear water droplets using a thick top coat (TGB Rubber top). 

Jekaterina (Katie) Rudnicke, Aberdeen, Scotland @ I.KATIE.RU

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