A Note to Dissatisfied Nail Clients: Are Your Expectations Realistic?

by Holly Schippers | December 16, 2019

The bullying culture that lives on social media is a pretty sad statement on humanity. On one hand people are offended by lyrics to a holiday song from the 1940s and on the other they are happy to shred their fellow humans to pieces. What gives?

I’m not here for a lesson on humanity though, just to address something interesting that Celina Ryden brought up in one of her Vlogs that caught my attention: Salon patrons are posting photos and saying this is what I asked for and this is what I got, then proceeding to rip apart the work. What I am here for is a lesson on nails and expectations.


A Message to Nail Clients

Let’s address expectations with some words of advice to nail clients. When selecting photos off of Instagram or Pinterest for your inspiration or as something you want duplicated, several things need to be taken into consideration.

  • Time - Did you let the nail professional know ahead of time the complexity of the design you would choose so they could schedule the correct amount of time? Some designs you see online take anywhere from 2-20+ hours to create just the design itself. That does not include the time it takes to do the prep work and the nails themselves.
  • Experience - Are you going to a nail professional with the type of skills to achieve the look you are requesting? Some design work has been achieved by professionals that have taken multiple classes and have practiced for years to perfect the looks they offer. Not all salons employ nail professionals of that caliber.
  • Cost - What is your budget for the design work you would like to have done? If you took in a photo of a design that takes three hours and would cost $350 to achieve yet you expected to be in and out of the salon on your lunch hour for $25, it is easy to understand why what you got is not similar to what you asked for.

Make sure you have realistic expectations and are willing to spend the time and money to get what you are looking for. This makes it much more likely there will be a stronger resemblance between what you ask for and what you get.

Perhaps if those people choosing to post and make fun of those doing the nails had included how much time they were given to do the nails and how much was paid, a more realistic picture of what happened could take place and the comments could be less skewed and more constructive. Hopefully this helps and some perspective can save the day!

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