Tennessee Lawmakers Move to Make Licensing Unnecessary
Tennessee Lawmakers Move to Make Licensing Unnecessary

A set of companion bills, Senate Bill 1914 and House Bill 1945, would allow any person to practice cosmetology without a license as long as the provider enters into a written contract with the client to waive all liability that may arise from the provider’s performance.

The Professional Beauty Industry (PBA) has issued an Action Alert, asking Tennessee Beauty Industry Professionals to tell your state legislators to oppose Senate Bill 1914 and House Bill 1945.

The PBA says in the alert: “This is a detriment to consumer safety. Licensing for the professional beauty industry should remain mandatory due to the use of highly concentrated professional chemicals/products, the use of instruments, and the hands on nature of professional services provided to the hair, skin, and body. Take Action now to tell the Senate Labor and Commerce Committee and the House Business Subcommitee to oppose these bills!” 

Only Tennessee residents can fill out this alert accessed here. 

Get involved at probeauty.org/

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Originally posted on Salon Today