Sustainable, vegan beauty brand, SPARITUAL has pledged to produce 75% alcohol-based hand sanitizers out of their family owned Los Angeles-based factory Orly International to help fight the spread of COVID-19. Working with the Mayor’s office, SPARITUAL will donate the first 5,000 bottles to the City of Los Angeles for the at-risk homeless population. The brand has stated that they will continue to make hand sanitizer for as long as deemed necessary, to offset both the local and national shortage of hand sanitizer and keep the community safe.

“As a wellness company for over 15 years, SPARITUAL has always been at the forefront of personal health; from vegan nail and body care to the Slow beauty Movement. I am grateful and proud to be part of Orly International, our family owned manufacturing plant based in the San Fernando Valley where we have the ability to now shift focus to produce a Hand Sanitizer Spray. Hand Sanitizers will help reduce the spread of this virus while keeping everyone safe,” Founder Shel Pink

The SPARITUAL Hand Sanitizer Spray is expected to also be available for sale by early April on sparitual.com.

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