As governors begin to lift stay-at-home orders, salons prepare to open and stylists gear up to return to work.  In the environment created by the COVID-19 pandemic, there are protocols around sanitation that will require stylists and clients to be wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) including face masks and gloves.  Acquiring this gear has been a challenge, sometimes, and many stylists have been sensitive to the fact that healthcare workers needed to be equippped, first.

Now, as the move to reopen business is a reality in some states and imminent for others, we asked SalonCentric President Bertrand Fontaine to provide an update on product availability in their stores: 

MODERN SALON: Are stylists able to purchase all they would need to sanitize their space from your stores, SalonCentric Sales Consultants or

Bertrand Fontaine: Following the recommended Safe Salon Guidelines published by the Professional Beauty Association (PBA) and in alignment with local ordinances, we mobilized a team dedicated to sourcing everything a stylist or salon owner would need to get back to work safely.  Beginning in early May, we will begin to see weekly deliveries of non-surgical masks and hand sanitizer that we’ll be providing, at-cost, to beauty pros as states re-open. We’ll be layering these absolute essentials with a variety of other products, including disposable gloves, cleaning products, disposable capes and chair covers, and many other items that will provide a safe environment for beauty pros and their clients. We are committed to providing salons and stylists with the products they need the most to get back to work as safely as possible.

MODERN SALON: Is there anything they should be aware of in relation to shipping delays or order pickups?

Bertrand Fontaine: SalonCentric Distribution Centers have remained open throughout the duration of this crisis, as we provide essential personal care products. That said, shipping times are delayed because we’re committed to ensuring the safety and health of our workers. We have taken a number of safety measures to ensure our distribution center employees are safe, including thermal scanning/non-contact temperature screenings of all personnel entering a facility, the use of masks and gloves, enhanced cleaning activities in line with federal guidelines, and social distancing measures that require employees remain 6 ft. from one another. As states begin to re-open so, too, will SalonCentric stores that were required to close. With the same safety measures as our DCs, these stores will provide curbside pickup service and free local delivery on orders over $50. We’re also ensuring that all SalonCentric stores are stocked with higher-than-normal amounts of salon safety products to ensure are customers can work safely.


Georgia's State Board of Cosmetologists and Barbers issued these 28 Safety Guidelines for Salons and Barbershops


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