In this time of upheaval, change and uncertainty, it is more important than ever to leverage our most important currencies in life, our ATM. At Qnity, ATM stands for Attention, Time and Money. 

Right now, there’s a lot of fear about money. The good news about money is – you can get it back, you can get more of it and you can replace it when it’s lost. Attention and time are not the same, once they’re gone – they’re gone. Now more than ever, it’s critical to manage your attention and time to increase your ability to prosper. At Qnity, we define prospering as doing what you love, making great money and having a life. 

ROI (Return on Investment) measures the gain or loss resulting from and in comparison to what was invested. Consider applying ROI to your Attention, Time, and Money. Think about the things that you give your attention to. Where can you place your attention that will give you the highest ROI? Think about your time. How can you spend your time NOW, so that you yield a high return on your investment? Money isn’t necessarily free flowing in the age of COVID. How can you avoid low ROI spending? We like to keep things simple, here are a few simple examples of activities in each area of ATM that produce high ROI and low ROI:

High Return

  • Improving your technical skills
  • Following trends in your trade
  • Goal setting
  • Business building education
  • Establishing a “new normal” in the age of COVID-19

Low Return 

  • Gossip
  • Worry
  • Comparison
  • Negativity


High Return

  • Tracking your business and personal finances
  • Engaging with your clients on social media
  • Education
  • Communicating with your team, co-workers, clients
  • Building relationships

Low Return 

  • Aimless scrolling
  • Binge watching
  • Unnecessary meetings
  • Saying YES to every request


High Return

  • Education
  • Tools that generate revenue 
  • Expert guidance

Low Return 

  • High cost, unproven tools or supplies
  • Unused or underutilized subscriptions
  • Payroll for unnecessary activities

Keep in mind, this is about making decisions that your future self will thank you for. Ask yourself, what activities will give me the ROI on my Attention, Time, and Money?

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