Hellabella Launches in Denver
Hellabella Launches in Denver

The Hellabella app launches in Denver this month with the goal to support the safe reopening of the nail salon community. For the salon, this would mean online booking without expensive software and for consumers it means the easiest way to book & pay for local nail salons in a post-lockdown world.

“With walkins and cash no longer an option for nail salons, we’re excited to be an option to help salons reopen their business safely and easily” said co-founder and Denver local, Layne Cox. “We’re a turn-key salon solution that instantly allows salons to accept online appointments and contactless payments for services, enabling salons to follow the new government regulations with no costly commitments.”

Hellabella’s experience for nail salons is simple. When a customer books an appointment, the nail salon receives a text message or automated phone call with the date, time, and services the customer requested. The manager then replies to confirm. Texts/Calls can be in English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, or Vietnamese. Customers pay before their information is sent to the nail salon, so all services are paid to the nail salon upfront. 

“Salons love that they are paid right away,” said Layne Cox. “The Hellabella technology automatically routes customer payment to the salon via ACH, debit card, or Venmo so it’s a seamless transaction.” Unlike services like Yelp and Groupon, there are no trade-offs with Hellabella. Hellabella customers pay full price, and all customer service issues are handled by Hellabella so nail salons can be sure their online reputation is in good hands.

Hellabella is focused on expanding its salon network throughout Denver and eventually nationally. Nail salons can sign up for free on the Hellabella website at https://Hellabella.com/join. Nail salons can also email their menus to menus@Hellabella.com to be automatically listed as a part of the service for free. 

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