With a focus on quality control, artistic skills and a strong business model, David Di Lorenzo of Valentino Beauty Pure launches Valentino Beauty Pure Educational Nail Technician Platform. 

With a dedicated Instagram following of nearly 500,000 followers, the Valentino Beauty Pure products have been used to create looks for Nicki Minaj, Rihanna, Cardi B and Paula Abdul.

“The nail business is a gateway to success,” says Di Lorenzo “Instead of just working for minimum wage I empower nail technicians to start their own business. I give them skills and I help them find a way to monetize it. There is only room for growth with what I am sharing.”

Offering educational courses both online and in classrooms, thousands of followers praise him for breaking race barriers and uplifting diversity standards in beauty business models.  He is showing technicians how to master the art while making top income with his unique educational lessons. 

With more than 400 brand ambassadors and 17 educators around the United States, the brand’s educational platform expands to more than 20 countries. Valentino Beauty Pure is also launching a YouTube channel in July to teach nail technicians how to succeed and grow income, with a podcast launch to follow.


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