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Amidst a pandemic and economic recession, many consumers are re-evaluating their finances, taking a hard look at their priorities and cutting down on luxury services.

Despite these necessary budget reductions over the last few months, Hammer & Nails, a grooming franchise for men, has seen success in retaining clients with its membership model. Even with shops shut down, the brand retained around 80 percent of its members.

Why? Because, unlike other membership-based models, members are granted flexibility and can roll over their monthly service for an unlimited number of months. Members can also gift their monthly service to friends and family. The grooming concept, which provides haircuts, shaves, and hand and foot care in a relaxed and refined environment, also attributes this retention rate to the uniqueness of their services. This men’s grooming concept delivers high quality in a chill environment.  

“Throughout the pandemic, we’ve seen that members had a strong sense of loyalty and commitment to Hammer & Nails. Even when the shops were closed, the vast majority of our members kept paying their monthly dues,” says Aaron Meyers, Hammer & Nails president and COO. “Our members wanted to actively help our franchisees stay above water because they know they can’t receive the services and atmosphere we provide anywhere else. Men (and their loved ones, if we’re honest), have come to rely on the service Hammer & Nails gives them and they paid their dues to show support.

At Hammer & Nails, men can experience the benefits of self-care, including no color manicures, while enjoying amenities like watching sports and enjoying their favorite beverages like a craft beer or aged whiskey. Services include haircuts, camo coloring for hair and beards, beard grooming, face shaves, waxing services and nail services.

"Some (members) wrote in to say they missed the service and couldn’t wait to get back but still wanted to support our technicians," Meyers says. "Many of our members even sent in tips for their regular technician. We are so proud that our members feel so strongly about Hammer & Nails, and we don’t take their loyalty lightly.”

Memberships include:

  • Access to discounted services
  • Flexibility with the membership, including gifting to a friend or putting them towards a gift card
  • No contract and easy cancellation as life situations change.

“Our franchisees have been able to keep technicians and front desk employees employed because of the support from the members. In the shops that have been able to open and have members come back in, we’re getting compliments on how we’ve been able to open safely,” Meyers says. “We tell our members that we are only able to open successfully and safely because of their support throughout these uncertain times. It’s a partnership between members and Hammer & Nails.”

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Originally posted on Salon Today