As part of National Diversity Week, which runs from October 4-10, the Wella family of bands is inviting beauty professionals to join them to help drive change by challenging the stylist community to #AmplifyDiverseHair by sharing the work of diverse stylists on their Instagram feeds this week.

Wella stylists and educators are hosting a series of Instragram Lives that beauty professionals can attend. See the graphic below for the full schedule of events:


Wella is also partnering with like-minded industry activists to help spread the word, including @keyaartistically and @BlackColoristsMatter:

"The Church and the Salons are the only two institutions left to be overtly segregated. Yet, both of these institutions have the power to change the world. As artists and creatives, we must collectively push the one agenda that supports us as a whole, the one that requires us to reach beyond our comfort zones and increase the standard of professionalism. We must intentionally force diversity and inclusion into the core of the beauty industry until it's no longer a task. We must be intentional until it’s normal. We are responsible for educating ourselves on all fabrics of hair regardless of race. Our job is to look beyond the skin color and be prepared to handle every fabric that walks in our doors. We must also see the multifaceted beauty of all art forms beyond your own familiarity. We can only do that by getting uncomfortable with our comfort, learn the unfamiliar, and unlearn the suggested. Hair is a fabric, not a race.” - Keya Neal, @keyaartistically, Educator and Industry Activist, founder of The Kolour Kulture and Texture vs Race

“Our mission is for #BlackColoristsMatter to be the vehicle for deeper engagement amongst Black artists and an educational platform to advance the artistry and technical skill of hair color within the professional Black hair industry. We realize Black beauty professionals aren’t given the same resources as our peers, so to create change we seek to partner with brands that will help promote equity and inclusion. We are excited to partner with Wella during National Diversity Week. Wella’s efforts to amplify diverse hair, support our mission and goal for #BlackColoristsMatter as well as our objective to change the narrative about beauty as it relates to textured hair.” - Jessica Kidd, Founder of @BlackColoristsMatter


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Originally posted on Salon Today