A trip to the nail salon should be relaxing and luxurious, right? Well, that’s not always the case. Guest experience research indicates that every once in a while, a trip to a nail salon results in a guest having an adverse reaction to some of the products used.

That possibility doesn’t sit well with freecoat nails – a company on a mission to deliver the best salon experience while prioritizing non-toxic, clean beauty and the communities it serves.

Major improvements have been made in recent years, but the beauty product industry is still unregulated in certain areas, and it can lead consumers being confused about what ingredients are being used on them or what they are exposed to. freecoat was created out of necessity to provide a completely transparent experience. The young franchise emphasizes the importance of being unambiguous about the products and services it provides because guests today demand (and have every right) to know and feel that they are doing good for their bodies.


While heightened awareness around the non-toxic beauty movement continues to grow, freecoat has a leading edge. 

freecoat’s non-toxic nail and beauty comes with a 6-free or better promise, meaning they omit camphor, dibutyl phthalate, formaldehyde/formaldehyde resin, xylene, triphenyl phosphate, and toluene.  Guests can be sensitive to these chemicals, linked to causing headaches, respiratory issues, and ­– in extreme cases – can even lead to long-term effects like lung disease, cancer, reproductive problems and fatigue. 

freecoat has also chosen to never offer acrylics, dip gels, dip powder or artificial products that use adhesive which can give off fumes.  

Not only does freecoat provide eco-friendly nail polishes, but the entire salon experience is flawlessly clean and orderly. pedicure tubs are jet-free and follow a double sanitation technique for cleaning which includes mechanically washing and disinfecting tubs daily.  In addition, the salon has a medical grade air filtration system and salon stations feature vented manicure tables.  


freecoat offers its guests a complimentary made-in-house organic sugar scrub with their service, and for every guest, a new disposable manicure kit is opened which they are sent home with.  The company does not reuse files, callus blocks, orange wood sticks or buffers, and it prides itself on offering a curated nail art menu so guests can completely personalize their non-toxic experience. The service array goes beyond manicures and pedicures too, in case you want to peek at the full services menu.

At freecoat, the goal is to provide a fun, luxurious and clean experience for all guests so they have one less thing to worry about in their self-care routines. 

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