Troubleshooter Part 2: How to Apply GelColor

After properly preparing the nail, learn how to apply gel-polish perfectly every time.

Clients love the durability of gel-polish; they just don’t like the stress to their natural nails when it’s removed. Keep this in mind: The way gel-polish is applied plays a large role in the condition a client’s nails are in after removal. Applied correctly, gel-polish such as OPI’s GelColor will last the way it’s supposed to, and can be removed with no damage. Following part 1 of this troubleshooter series, showing proper nail prep, we now move to part 2: expert application.

Follow these steps to ensure your client gets lasting results using OPI GelColor:  

1. Apply a base coat to properly prepped nails, making sure to cap the free edge. Cure for 30 seconds in an LED Lamp. 

2. Apply one thin coat of OPI GelColor in Take a Right on Bourbon and cure for 30 seconds in an LED lamp. Repeat with a second coat for full coverage. Cure.

TIP: Shake it up! Danny Phung, a Vancouver-based educator for OPI, reminds you to give your gel-polishes a good shake before application. “When using GelColor by OPI remember to shake the bottle to mix up all the pigment that may have settled during non-use or overnight so that you get the true color and pigment fully mixed,” he says.

3. Apply a very thin layer of OPI GelColor in Black Onyx onto a form. Allow the gel-polish to separate until it creates a lace-like pattern. Cure.

4. Remove the pattern carefully from the form.

5. Apply the pattern to the nail. The inhibition layer will act as an adhesive.

6. Seal the look with top coat and cure.

7. Remove the inhibition layer using OPI N.A.S.99 and complete the manicure with OPI Avoplex Cuticle Oil.


An agent capable of killing or significantly reducing the number of disease-causing microorganisms on a surface, e.g. cleaning solutions and soaps.
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