How to Upsell Long-Lasting Polish to Your Clients

Here are several tips to help you entice your clients to go for long-lasting polish.

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In most clients’ eyes there are two main options when it comes to choosing color: gel-polish or nail lacquer. In reality there is a terrific third option: long-lasting polish. Long-lasting polish such as OPI’s Infinite Shine collection expands your repertoire nicely; you just need to know its unique features and show how it can be of value to your client.  Here are six tips to help you  build a satisfied — and long-lasting — manicure clientele.

Pros over traditional nail lacquer:

  • It lasts longer. As its name states, long-lasting polish is more durable than a traditional polish because of the gel polymers in its formula. Clients can extend the wearability of a chip-free manicure by several days. OPI’s Infinite Shine collection is a three-step system and promises 10 days of wear, according to the manufacturer.
  • It dries faster. We’ve all witnessed our clients trying to remove their debit cards ever-so-carefully in an attempt to avoid the dreaded post-manicure smudge. A big selling point of long-lasting polish is its dry time. Infinite Shine dries to the touch in eight minutes and hardens completely in 15 minutes.  After that, clients can go about their day and not have to worry about ruining their fresh manicure.
  • Glossier finish. Another benefit to using long-lasting polish is the additional shine. OPI’s Infinite Shine preserves high shine that you wouldn’t typically get from a traditional lacquer.
  • Pedicures can last up to three weeks. Many nail techs find that long-lasting polish is ideal for pedicures. The extended wear system can last even longer on toes than on hands. Nail tech Raven Hennington-Billberry says her clients can go a minimum of three weeks with no chipping if using a long-lasting polish. Also, since clients are less likely to swap out shades on their feet, it provides a lot of value.

Pros over gel-polish:

  • No lamps are required. Despite all the research confirming the safety of UV lights, it’s still a common concern for clients. Sometimes no matter what you say there will be resistance to using a lamp. In these cases, long-lasting polish is a good alternative because it cures without UV or LED light.
  • Clients can change color weekly. Another common complaint about gel-polish is that clients can’t change their color as often as they would like and are stuck with one shade for weeks. This will be one of the bigger selling points for your clients who enjoy the luxury of changing polish regularly.
  • It’s a cost-effective service. Even though manicures using long-lasting polish should be priced higher than traditional polish manicures, they are still significantly more cost effective than gel-polish services. This may not seem appealing to you if you’re working on commission, but it’s a good selling point to a client who wants long wear and is on a budget. You can still charge $5 more for long-lasting polish compared to traditional lacquer, and you can book your client for a polish change or a manicure in a week and a half.

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