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Plants Are Powerful Medicine

So much more than salad, they nurture, energize, balance, heal us: from dream time forward, plants are powerful medicine.

EUCALYPTUS: Most ancient of trees, the Eucalyptus species is estimated to be 500 million years old, dating from the time that Australia and New Guinea separated from the original Gondwana landmass. An effective natural disinfectant, Eucalyptus has long been revered as part of Aboriginal traditional medicine practice used to cleanse wounds, balm coughs and colds, and ease indigestion. The tree’s highly aromatic oil suggests an exhilarating blend of peppermint, lemon and apple aromas.

This stimulating essence clarifies the energy of the sacral chakra, associated with desire of all kinds. The sacral chakra is visualized as a whirling vortex of red-orange, located in the area of the lower abdomen and navel. Correct alignment in this chakra allows masculine and feminine forces to dynamically connect for explosive creative manifestation.

GINGER: Bursting with spicy taste and peppery, chili-like heat, Ginger adds a bit of bite to favorite sweets like gingerbread and ginger ale, and snappy tanginess to pickles and chutneys. Many folk traditions advise chewing Ginger to break a fever, or to inspire erotic attraction. The Kama Sutra describes it as an aphrodisiac, while King Henry VII recommended Ginger as medicine against the Black Plague, since Ginger calms a nervous stomach.

The volatile quality of Ginger comes into play in reconciling the root and solar plexus chakras. Respectively, these chakras represent survival and will. The root chakra, located deep in the pelvis, is visualized as the primary color red, while the solar plexus chakra, just below the sternum, radiates the primary color yellow. When these two chakras are brought into harmony, raw instincts are turned into positive action.

FRANKINCENSE & GERANIUM: Fusion of stimulating floral botanical with the aromatic tree resin which has been endowed with mystical properties of transformation since the Pharaohs ruled Egypt.  

Blended with oil, Frankincense is used in many traditions to initiate newborns, and to anoint the dead for their journey into the afterlife. Its name is derived from the Frankish Crusaders, who brought the sticky, Amber nuggets from Arabia to Europe. Of course, Frankincense is burned to create fragrant smoke, often used in prayer and purification rituals. But for at least 2,000 years, Frankincense has also been burned to make Kohl, the world’s first eyeliner. Ancient people believed that Kohl empowers and protects the wearer, as well as beautifying the eye.

Geranium, with its sharp, clean scent, is a crisp counterpoint to smoky Frankincense. Antiseptic and astringent, Geranium even repels mosquitoes. In tandem, Geranium & Frankincense balance the sacral chakra, needed when working through energetic blockages concerning pleasure and sensuality.

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