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Ask the Webmaster: Common Questions About Using the Internet

Who are all those people on my AIM Buddy List? How do I get my photos online? What’s that green stuff on my client’s nails? Find out what questions webmaster Debbie Doerrlamm hears most often and how she responds.

Every day my e-mail inbox is graced with at least one burning how-to computer question, as well as questions from nail technicians and consumers related to nail services, licensing, or products. I answer each and every one of these questions to the best of my ability or I pass it along to a higher authority.

I often see posts or e-mails from people who could use a little computer education. For that purpose I have almost 30 “canned” e-mails ready to send out with detailed information to help them learn how to use their computer more efficiently. I’ve posted responses to a number of the most frequent inquiries to the “HELP!!!” area at, so everyone can benefit. My ultimate goal is to have every beauty professional use this blasted box to the utmost of its capabilities to save time and increase our profits. Over the years the questions have changed from very basic computer usage to much more complicated issues. I must be doing something right.


How do I “quote” in my reply e-mails with AOL?
The technique of quoting in your e-mail reduces miscommunication in an e-mail conversation. It also makes the message easier for others to read. First choose My AOL, then Preferences, then Mail. Check “Use Internet style quoting in mail.” When you wish to reply to a post or e-mail, use your mouse to highlight the words or paragraphs you wish to quote, then click on the Reply button.


How do I send “blind copies” of e-mails using AOL?
Sending blind carbon copies (bcc’s) is a method of sending one e-mail to many people and ensuring the recipients do not see the other addressees.

In the To: (or cc:) field, enclose the e-mail addresses of the recipients of the blind carbon copies in parentheses, for example: (AOLMember1,AOLMember2, [email protected]).


How do I copy, cut, and paste information?
Copy/paste is probably the tool I use most often in my day-to-day computer activities. Learning to use copy/paste efficiently will reduce errors and generally make your life easier.
1. Click and drag the mouse pointer over the text you want to copy. Click EDIT then COPY or CUT).
2. Position the cursor where you want the text to be inserted. Click EDIT then PASTE.


How do I get my images from my camera online for others to see? How do I make my digital pictures smaller for online viewing? How do I put a picture in my post?
These three questions go hand-in-hand and unfortunately there is no simple single answer. Every camera comes with different software to manipulate images and transfer images from the camera to the computer. Once the images are edited on your computer, getting them online is often a daunting task for the new computer user. Go to the FAQ in my “HELP!!!” area for detailed instructions that may make the process a little less complicated.


Who are all those people on my AIM Buddy List?
Something that pops up on my Instant Messenger at least 10 times a week is “Who are you? I see you on my Buddy List.” To ease these worried people, I created another canned response that I copy/paste in the IM box: “Hi, I am the webmaster of My Instant Message/Buddy List name is nailgdsss. AOL, in its infinite wisdom, decided it would be great to add to your Buddy List every person who has ever sent you mail who has a valid Buddy List name. You probably saw me on your Buddy List because you get a mailing from BeautyTech.” This response always brings a sigh of relief that their computer has not been invaded.


How do I decide if an e-mail should be sent publicly to the mailing list or privately?
When you participate in a public forum, whether it is an e-mail mailing list or website forum, this decision is a very important one. The first rule of thumb: Do not post anything you would not want to see on the evening news. There is also the TMI (too much information) rule. Many years ago, an educator saw a post to the NailTech Mailing List from a former coworker she had not spoken to in years. The educator clicked reply and poured her heart out, but forgot to change the address to go privately to her friend, so everyone on the mailing list received this e-mail. This was a very embarrassing situation for everyone and could have been avoided with one glance at the To: box in the reply e-mail.


What is that green stuff on my client’s nail? Is it mold?
It is not mold. Mold will not grow on human tissue. Unfortunately, this term was taught in the industry for years. What you are seeing is actually a bacterial infection. The “HELP!!!” area gives you links to more reading and education on this subject.


Where do I find information about doing nails while pregnant?
You should always consult your obstetrician before making this decision. You can find a number of articles on this question at (Celebrity Q&A and the Articles area) and (Store).


How do I get MSDS for my products?
Contact your distributor first, the manufacturer next. You can also check your distributor’s and manufacturer’s websites — many now post their MSDS online. Chances are you will need the free Adobe Reader to view MSDS on your computer. If you have trouble opening the files, check the “HELP!!!” area for more information. If the MSDS are not online, call or write and ask to have them sent to you by mail. Send your request on company letterhead, if possible, and don’t forget to include your contact information.

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