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Wax Love Got to Do With It

A burden on your skin, but on clients it’s a win — unwanted hair is an oft-overlooked opportunity for nail techs to rip into new profits and broaden their salon skill set.

Waxing is a salon service that has varying appeal to nail techs. Some of you may have had your hearts set on nail creativity since beauty school, and you’ve been happily crafting set after set of precise structures and fun designs since graduating with your manicuring license.

But some of you might have been enticed by the skin care aspect of salon work and opted to get your full cosmetology license so you could do a range of complete spa services.

An esthetician or cosmetology license is required to professionally apply wax to skin, so nail techs who only have a manicuring license won’t be permitted to do waxing.

But for those of you who do qualify, wax hair removal offers a great way to expand your income potential. One of the easiest ways for a nail tech to start waxing services is with a toe wax. During pedicure season, a one-time free toe waxing session could result in clients requesting it as a standard part of their pedicures going forward.

And if you become comfortable waxing toes, you can progress to knuckles, eyebrows, and other areas of the body, with increasing profitability.

Special thanks to our Wax Counsel: Cyndi Grohowski of Polished From Head to Toe in Haddon Heights, N.J.; Baxter Cepeda of Wax n Waxing; and Sandra Louise, educator for Satin Smooth.


Toe Waxing
Toe waxing can be a great add-on for pedicures. It gives the client that little extra pampering so they know their entire foot will be smooth and clean for uninhibited bare feet flashing.
Average Price:
5 minutes
Words from the Wax Counsel:
> If toe hair is particularly long, trim with brow scissors, being sure not to trim too short. You want the wax to adhere to the hair not the skin.
> Apply wax to one toe at a time in the direction of the hair growth. Then apply the wax strip to the wax.
> Use the “pat and pull” method. Just press for a few seconds and then pull. Continue to do this until the hair is completely removed. The “pat and pull” method is preferred over rubbing, which can cause the wax to become imbedded in the cracks of the toe, making it difficult to remove even when you pull the toe taut.
> After removing hair from all the toes, apply a soothing cream.   



Eyebrow Waxing
A very popular waxing service, eyebrow grooming with wax leaves a smooth and shaped result that appeals to many. A sensitive area both in touch and appearance, eyebrow waxing must be done with care and skill, but once you get the hang of it, it can become a best-seller at your salon.
Average Price:
10-20 minutes
Words from the Wax Counsel:
> Anytime you wax the face, and especially the eyebrows, you need to ask your client a lot of questions before you start. If they had botox in the eye area within the last 72 hours, you can disrupt the botox under the skin and cause bruising. Also, if a client is on Acutane or has just received a facial with alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs), her skin may not be as strong and can be injured during the waxing.
> Numbing creams are great to help minimize pain and discomfort during the service.
> Hard wax is good to use on eyebrows and the face.
> Apply the wax in the direction that the hair grows, and then rip in the opposite direction.
> Be sure not to use too much wax because it could spread to hairs you do not intend to remove. 


Lip Wax
The lip wax is another facial hair removal surface that is quick and easy, but also quite sensitive. It typically goes with an eyebrow waxing and can be an easy complementary service for first-timers. 
Average Price:
6-7 minutes
Words from the Wax Counsel:
> As with eyebrow waxing, make sure to ask the client about any recent facial procedures like botox or peels and any medications that affect the skin like Acutane.
> The lip is a sensitive area, so it’s good to test the warmth on your wrist before you apply the wax to make sure it is not too hot.
> A numbing cream or spray works well on the lip to help reduce pain. 


Lower Leg Wax
During pedicure season many clients will be looking to model their favorite Bermuda pants and sundresses, so a lower leg and ankle waxing is a great way to get them ready for the sun.
Average Price:
10-15 minutes
Words from the Wax Counsel:
> The skin on the lower leg can sometimes be dryer and will absorb any moisture in the wax so that when you go to rip, the wax won’t come up. This can also happen if the leg is cold. To help prevent this, give the lower legs a thorough washing before waxing, and when you apply the strip over the wax, hold your hand over the strip for a moment to partially warm it before pulling up.
> If the client doesn’t normally wax, ask her to grow the hair to about 1/4” long.
> Be mindful of the way the hair grows on the lower legs, as it can switch direction in different areas.    



Underarm Wax
Waxing underarms can help lengthen the time the hair there grows back, and it can also make the regrown hair thinner and finer, thus a little easier to wax the next time.
Average Price:
10-15 minutes
Words from the Wax Counsel:
> It’s good to separate underarm waxing into three sections. A lot of estheticians are doing it all in one pull, but it’s a sensitive area and a one-pull approach can lead to bruising.
> Underarm hair often grows in a circular pattern, so one-pulls won’t be able to clear all the hair.
> After the waxing, instruct your clients not to use deodorant for a couple days, as it can irritate the skin.



Brazilian Wax
The most intimate of waxing services, the bikini area requires careful handling but can also have the biggest pay-offs.
Average Price:
45 minutes
Words from the Wax Counsel:
> Many estheticians prefer the client get on her hands and knees for a Brazilian wax, but there are alternatives that can enhance the experience for the client. Having the client lie on her side and pull one leg up is a little less compromising and can be more comfortable for some, while still allowing proper access to the waxing area.
> A trick to relax clients is to give them chewing gum during the service.
> A light aromatherapy spray into the air right after the pull can also help distract clients from the discomfort.
> Never double-dip. After each and every wax application to skin, no matter what, discard the applicator and use a fresh one. The wax is not hot enough to kill any bacteria or pathogens, so it is important to let your client know you are adamant about sanitation.

Keep reading for a sampling of waxing products.

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