Zotos International: Light Strokes Light Cured Nail System

Zotos International, a well-established, major hair company, is reaching out to the nail market with their first professional nail care product ...the Light Strokes Professional Nail Artistry, a three gel light cured nail system.

Zotos International, a well-established, major hair company, is reaching out to the nail market with their first professional nail care product ...the Light Strokes Professional Nail Artistry, a three gel light cured nail system.

This major product move, and latest addition by Zotos, reflects a major emphasis for the firm and an assess­ment that the nail care market is a credible, stable and growing segment of the beauty industry.

The Light Strokes product introduction is also noteworthy in that it is the first time such a company has delved into the relatively young product and process of UV light curing for artificial and natural nails.

"We firmly believe that this tech­nology, through the Zotos Light Strokes system, answers the demands of the nail designer nationwide for an all-inclusive, simple, dependable method of creating beautiful, natural looking, long wearing nails," said Himilce Novas, director of public rela­tions.

"With the same research and development expertise that has made Zotos the undisputed world leader in modern perm chemistry, Zotos now introduces the Light Strokes professional nail artistry."

This new system and product line, touted by the firm as a "re­markable collection of both superior performing products and profes­sional quality accessories," in­cludes three gels, designing tray, brushes, lamp, timer, Purifying Nail Treatment, nail tips, Gel Clarifying Wash, Gel Removal Activator, a variety of nail accessories, and an adhesive in gel form.

"What the professional nail spe­cialist needs to know," added Novas, is that Light Strokes has absolutely no fumes, odors, re­quires half the application time of acrylics or wraps, and is so natural looking that no application of nail enamel is necessary."

Additionally, Light Strokes is strictly a professional system, not available in retail stores.

Essentially, the Light Strokes system is a light curing nail process that utilizes filtered ultra-violet light waves to cure a nail in approximately 1.5 to 2 minutes. (Zotos predicts a full set can be applied in less than one hour.) The gels are formulated with a photo-initiator that acts as a catalyst to create a hard shield over the nail surface.

Each gel, according to the com­pany, has been individually formu­lated to perform a specific function: Foundation gel #1 has been de­veloped as an overlay that "ex­pands or contracts with the natural nail plate to prevent lifting"; Builder gel #2, developed to give strength, body and dimension to the nail, suitable for free sculpting; and Sealer gel #3, formulated to en­case the other two gels with a protective, sealing glaze. Accord­ing to ZOTOS, the sealing gel creates a strong, high gloss shield to protect the nail. "Our unique formulas and interaction of the three gels are the reasons why the Light Strokes system out performs other gel systems in strength, dur­ability and beauty," claims Novas.

As part of the system approach taken by Zotos, all three gels have been organized into the Light Strokes designing tray, a functional table unit that holds gel, brushes, nail treatment pads and a specially designed well to hold Gel Clarify­ing Wash for convenient brush cleaning.

In addition to the gels that Zotos claims covers the full spectrum of free sculpting, top overlay or natural nail care, the company has added several exclu­sive accessories to facilitate the application process.

Among these items:

—  Tip Selector Guide, exclu­sively under a Zotos patent, which eliminates the need for a nail designer to "fish" for tips any more. It gives the nail designer instant information on client tip size and allows her to make a permanent record on the Client Card of her individual tip size.

—  Purifying Nail Treatment to prepare the nail surface for the gels and to help prevent lifting and/or peeling. According to ZOTOS literature, this treatment insures that the nail surface is completely clean, sterilized and free of moisture and oils.

—  An adhesive gel, to fill in the natural ridges of the nail for strong bonding when applying nail tips. This glue is in gel form, not liquid, affording maximum control for accurate positioning when working with the tip before attaching.

—  Gel Clarifying Wash, to re­move any residue from final gel application, available in dispenser bottles that prevent waste and evaporation.

—   Gel Removal Activator, ZOTOS' recommended approach for the safe removal of gels and tips.

—  Nail Treatment Pads, lint-free, for applying nail treatment, clarifying wash and removal of nail enamel.

"This full complement of prod­ucts and accessories," added Novas, "allows Zotos Light Strokes to support the talents and creative activity of professional nail artists from start to finish."

To understand why a com­pany the size of Zotos, reported to do nearly $100 million in sales for 1985, would make such a commitment to the nail care field is to understand and recognize the philosophies and personalities involved.

"To fully answer that question," said Novas, "I need to offer a bit of background. We have been known for 50 years in the permanent wave industry as the perm company, not necessarily as a hair company.

"But then in late 1979, when Shari Memmott, now general man­ager of Zotos, and a new team of forward thinking professionals, were brought on board, things started to change and to move forward. Their job at that time was to organize an educational force, to put together a creative design group that would teach the stylist how to use Zotos ' products and how to do fashion, upgrade the image of the company, and bring aggressive new ideas to the mar­keting area,"

It was, apparently, a time of excitement that started Zotos on the path toward rapid product intro­duction and unprecedented com­pany growth.

"But it was not until recently that Shari and her team felt the company was ready for major ex­pansion into new categories of business in a major way. The groundwork was set for success."

Products debuts during this period included conditioners, shampoos, gels, and a variety of professional tools and implements for in salon use. Additionally, Zotos became very involved with in-salon retailing, as they devel­oped, packaged and promoted items that the stylist could sell to his/her clientele. Another major product development for the firm, occurring at this time, was Zotos ' Bain De Terre line, a spa and conditioning regime for hair.

"All of these product moves are part of the company's overall philosophy to establish ZOTOS not as a perm company, or even as a hair company, but rather as a com­pany that will move into whatever fields are necessary to service the in-salon professional and salon owner," emphasized  Novas.

It was after these product suc­cesses that Zotos, under the direction of Ms. Memmott, made the decision to pursue the nail professional. Studies were conducted in the nail care cate­gory for two years to be sure Zotos ' entry into nails was as dynamic as its new image.

This study verified two main points," explained Clair Madden, the firm's director of New Product Marketing. "Nail care professionals and salon owners are primarily concerned and interested in the health and safety of their products, and that they are looking for ways of saving time, making more money and being more efficient with the application of their products."

At the same time a technical survey was conducted, Zotos ' re­search personnel were looking into the dental and medical fields for further developments in light cured technology as it pertained to nails. What they found were patents on new products and processes . . . the entire field of ultra-violet curing of polymers.

"We soon realized that this tech­nology and the final nail product was the best way to satisfy the needs of the manicurist," said Madden, "both in the safety of the product and in the savings of time,"

The Light Strokes system, then, was the end result of aggressive company ex­pansion, product research and customer use studies: Specific patents and processes were ac­quired and Zotos set about putting their own emphasis and style into it. Consistent, attractive and effective packaging was designed, auxi­liary products were created and brought into the line, and educa­tional material and personnel were established to help the professional technician understand the product system and application techniques.

"Light Strokes is the best ex­ample of Zotos ' belief in the nail industry as a stable, thriving and growing aspect of the overall beauty industry," said Novas. "We are making a major commitment to this product and to the professional nail care specialist."

As part of their commitment to this new technology and to the nail professional, Zotos has estab­lished a far reaching educational program tailored specifically to manicurists. The program includes beautifully designed, four-color instruction aids and trained edu­cators to provide technique tips and insights into the UV technology.

"Our educational support is quite extensive and is geared at provid­ing the professional with on-going training and support. We recognize that this system is not something that the nail professionals can just pick up and begin using . . . they need training and we want to make sure it is available in the best possible format for them," said Novas.

According to Zotos, the Light Strokes system will be distributed through their existing network of distributors and extensive sales force, as well as through an out­reach program to individual nail salons.

"This is a professional product," said Novas, "and will be distributed and marketed in that manner. We have no intention of turning this product into anything else.

"We are a highly reputable, lead­ing manufacturer with an untar­nished reputation of over 50 years of top quality professional product performance.

"It is a reputation we zealously guard and one we bring with Light Strokes to the nail care profession."

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