Salon Sanitation

Test Your Sanitation Knowledge

Take this quick quiz to see where you stand on sanitation. Pencil ready? Get set. Go.

True or False?

1. All bacteria are dangerous and we should aim to kill all of them around us in the salon.

2. A written cleaning log should be kept for each pedicure station.

3. EPA-registered means that a product has Extra Protective Action in killing germs.

4. Hand-washing will kill all the germs on your hands before a service.  

5. Fungal spores can easily be killed with white vinegar.


Multiple Choice

6. The most comprehensive guidelines for sanitation requirements for your state may be found…

a.  In your cosmetology textbook from school.

b. On the manicure governing board’s website for your state.

c. On disinfectant packaging.

d. From coworkers in the salon.


7. If an implement is dropped on the floor during a service…

a. Blow off any dust before continuing with the service.

b. It must be fully disinfected before being put back into service again.

c. Check it to see if it got dirty before continuing.

d. Hope the client didn’t notice.


8. Failure to comply with sanitation guidelines set by the state board may…

a. Put your health and your clients’ health at risk.

b. Put the salon at risk for fines, revocation of licenses, or salon closure.

c. Put the salon at risk of lawsuits.

d. All of the above.


9. Disinfection is…

a. Something you should do to your hands before working on a client.

b. Something you should do to the client’s nail before applying an enhancement.

c. A chemical procedure that eliminates virtually all pathogenic microorganisms but not all microbial forms.

d. A process that destroys all microbial life on a surface.


10. The kill time for a disinfectant is…

a. The exposure time required to be effective in killing pathogens.

b. The time before a disinfectant goes flat or needs to be replaced.

c. The time in which it is toxic to humans who are exposed.

d. None of the above.


11. Ventilation is an important part of sanitation because…

a. It keeps you from sweating during the summer.

b. It is a way to remove particulates and vapors from the indoor air.

c. It makes things smell clean.

d. All of the above.


12. The best way to handle sanitation is to…

a. Make every member of the salon an informed participant.

b. Have written guidelines and regular employee trainings on procedures.

c. Let clients see the process going on in the salon.

d. All of the above.


13. Quaternary ammonium solution used for immersion disinfection…

a. Must be fresh to be effective.

b. Will stay fresh for days or weeks at a time allowing you to disinfect many implements before changing it.

c. Allows users to forgo the pre-cleaning requirement and saves time.

d. None of the above.


14. If implements cannot be sanitized…

a. They can be gifted to the client at the end of her service.

b. They should be disposed of in a properly labeled trash receptacle.

c. Both a and b.

d. None of the above.


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