Delving Deeper Into Facebook Lists With Rhonda Kibuk

If you do much online networking, or even networking at shows, you have probably run into Rhonda Kibuk from The Purple Pinkie. She is knowledgeable, fun, and willing to share. I am constantly in awe of how she utilizes Facebook and wanted to learn to make better use of my own personal and business page. She was kind enough to submit to an interview and share some tips with all of us.


Holly: Facebook is a great business tool for salons. Most techs, myself included, have stumbled around and scratched the surface of its potential. I am so impressed with how you wield the Facebook tool and would love your help improving my skills and I'm sure others would too! You have a personal page and a business page. Your clients would clearly know your business page is run by you and therefore send you friend requests on your personal page. Are there any advantages to having them as "friends" as well as liking your business page?


Rhonda: The biggest advantage to having clients as personal friends as well as liking my business page is the ability for me to tag them in photos. We take photos of any nails with bling. If we are not personal friends with the client, they have to tag themselves. Some do not know how to do this, so it is a missed marketing opportunity. When you tag someone, you immediately open your business page to everyone on their friends list, which exposes your business to more people.


Holly: What if you want to post something on your personal page you prefer that clients not see? Do you just make your personal page all about work?


Rhonda: By utilizing lists, you can keep clients from seeing things that you don't want them to. Just put all your clients in a "Client" list and when you want to post something that you don't want them to see, click the little lock button by the post button and set it to post to everyone but Clients. You can put people in more than one list.


Holly: If you had to pick one or two things that you feel are not utilized to full potential by salons on FB what would they be?


Rhonda: Lists are definitely at the top. Some don't even know that this feature is available. There is no need to have a personal FB and a professional FB. There is no need to not accept clients as friends. You can control everything with lists.


Here are some of the lists I have created for my friends list: Family, Roller Derby, Nails, Clients, Kids, Class of 1984, Social Media, YN Mentors. By either posting to one or more groups or posting to all friends except a certain group or groups, you can have total control over who sees what. You can also do this with individual people so if you want to get a gift idea for your significant other but keep it a surprise, post to everyone BUT him/her! This is very helpful if you have kids on your list. Sometimes there are things that I want to share that aren't kid friendly, so I just post to everyone but kids. This allows me to still be friends with kids, but keeps the content that they view from me in their newsfeed kid-friendly.


Another thing that I think that is fully not understood is Business Pages. Just because a Business Page is linked to a personal page does not mean that people who like the business page can see all of your personal photos, posts, etc. They will only see that IF they are personal friends of your and you have your settings set for them to see all.


Holly: Did you do anything to promote your FB page in the salon once you created it so that clients knew to look for it?


Rhonda: We didn't do any promotion. By taking photos and tagging clients, we were able to build our FB business page "like" base. That right there is the best form of advertising on FB and getting your business out there to people who haven't heard of it. Some of the sets of nails are duplicates now, but clients WANT their photo taken and want to be on the page. It's crazy.


Holly: Do you have your Facebook address  on your business cards? Why or why not?


Rhonda: No we do not, we just have our main website. In this day and age, everyone is on FB and every business should be on FB so the people that we market to will know exactly where to find us.


If you want to see Rhonda’s pages or network with her further here is her contact information:

Rhonda Kibuk

The Purple Pinkie Nail Salon

345 Main Street

Ford City, PA 16226


Thanks so much Rhonda for sharing your time and info! I know I am ignorant in the function of lists. I also did not realize that my business page could be connected to my personal page and yet remain separated using the lists function. For those like me that are unfamiliar with the lists, the Facebook help page for explaining how to use them is here.

Your best practice would be to put people into a list when they request to add you as a friend so that you stay on top of it and don’t have to play catch up. Hope this helps you out :o)

— Holly

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