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These handouts are for your use and for educating your students. Feel free to print out the handouts to share with your fellow school employees or give to your students. You will need Adobe Reader to view the forms. Please visit Adobe Reader site to download it.

Please be patient with downloading the handouts. Each file is fairly large to allow you a clear print-out.

Handout: How to Talk to a Client About Cracked Heels

Along with being unattractive, cracked heels can be a source of pain and embarrassment. Use this handout to teach students how to educate clients on at-home maintenance that can heal and repair the skin.

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Handout: Perfect Posture for Nail Techs

The demands of the job put nail techs at risk of developing chronic pain in their shoulders and back. Teach your students how proper posture can combat the risk by reducing muscle strain and fatigue.

Keywords: instructors   nail school   posture  

Handout: Sanitation Checklist

Nail techs must juggle the task of cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting myriad surfaces and items at varying intervals to protect the health and safety of clients and team members. Use this checklist to help your students make the job a little bit easier.

Keywords: instructors   safety and sanitation  

How to Talk to A Client About Eczema

When a client comes in with a skin condition, it’s up to the nail tech to determine if the best choice is to proceed or reschedule pending a doctor’s release.Use this handout to help your students learn to talk to a client about eczema.

Keywords: instructors   nail school   skin conditions  

How to Talk to a Client About Cuticles

When a client’s hands are in desperate need of maintenance, one of the easiest ways to see improvement is to clean up the cuticles, but cuticle care makes some clients uneasy. Use this handout to teach your students how to reassure clients that their actions are safe.

Keywords: cuticle care   instructors   nail school   student issues  

How to Talk to a Client About Athlete’s Foot

Use this handout to help your students learn how to discuss athlete's foot with clients.

Keywords: athlete's foot   instructors   nail school   student issues  

Handout: Acrylic Application Basics

Use this handout to help your students practice basic acrylic application techniques to increase their speed and confidence.


Keywords: acrylics   instructors   schools   student issues  

Handout: Basic Nail Art

While not required to pass the state board exam, nail art is a terrific add-on service for your students to begin learning in school. This handout includes 12 essential nail art strokes, plus 17 beginner designs for them to practice with.

Keywords: beginner nail art   instructors   student issues  

How to File 5 Basic Nail Shapes

Most clients lean toward one of five basic nail shapes: square, round, oval, squoval, or pointed. Use this handout to help your students decide on the proper shape for each client and to learn some techniques for filing it just right.

Keywords: filing techniques   instructors   nail shapes   nail students   shaping nails  

Handout: Color Theory Part 2

Use this second handout on color theory to teach your students about matching nail color to clients' skin tone.

Keywords: instructors   nail school   student issues  

Handout: Color Theory Part 1

Use this colorwheel handout to teach your students about color theory. Look for Part 2 next week about matching color to clients' skintones.

Keywords: colored gels   instructors   nail art   nail students   schools  

Five Ways to Improve Your Polish Application

A neat, quick, accurate polish application is one of the most important aspects of providing high-quality service to your clients. Use this handout to help your students learn the best nail polish application techniques to increase their speed and confidence.

Keywords: education   polish techniques   student issues  

Quick Quiz: NAILS Vocabulary Quiz 3

Use the NAILS Magazine Encyclopedia to quiz your students on the following terms they should be familiar with as professional nail techs. You can also create your own vocabulary lists with definitions by using the NAILS Encyclopedia.

Keywords: quiz   student issues   student tests  

Handout: How to Handle Difficult Clients

From flakiness to rudeness to indecision, some clients will inevitably display more less-than-considerate behavior than others.The following are some tips for handling your more challenging clientele and making the salon run as smoothly as possible in spite of bad behavior.

Keywords: clients   difficult clients   student issues  

Handout: How to Pass a State Inspection

Although there is a universal sanitation procedure, which is to clean with soap and
water and then disinfect with an EPA-registered disinfectant, every state has its own
requirements and regulations for sanitation, so check with yours. Here are the basics.

Keywords: education   safety and sanitation   salon inspections  


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