Jan Nordstrom Arnold is a co-founder of Creative Nail Design and one of the children of Dr. Stuart and Mary Nordstrom. She continues to work for the company today, 30 years after its founding.

Jan is an electrifyingly dynamic link between the worlds of professional nail beauty and international high fashion.

Since CND’s incorporation in 1979, Jan brings both powerful acumen as a brand engineer and a dynamic fashion sense to her many roles within the company. As a result, she has become one of beauty’s “Beautiful People,” topping the list of the handful of experts constantly sought out by the fashion as well as beauty press.

In turn, Jan has made CND an "A-Lister" on the world’s red carpets and runways, particularly in the exhilarating venue of New York Fashion Week, where her team preps thousands of custom-nails for top designers’ catwalk collections every couture season.

Jan is in year-round demand as a speaker on the beauty trade-show circuit, with a travel itinerary taking her from Des Moines to Dubai and beyond. She is known for her high fashion, high-energy presentations and indefatiguable schedule, which includes year-round speaking, visiting salons, working tradeshows, and conducting training.

She is married to David Arnold (with her in the photo, right), and is the sister of Jim Nordstrom, who also worked at CND and now runs Famous Names, a manufacturer of natural nail care treatments.