[Text from the company's website 2010)
John Meyerovich and Joe Galati (shown standing by the company's  Echo Pedicure Chair) are two names are well known in the pedicure chair industry. The duo invented the first pedicure spa in the early 1980s, sold the business in late 1990s and returned to found Continuum Footspas in 2006.

Over the years, we successfully designed, patented and manufactured thousands of pedicure spas. We’ve introduced ideas and designs that are still being emulated today. We are innovators, not duplicators and our innovations are legendary. Our devotion to manufacturing the highest quality pedicure spas ensures consistent improvement. And if the past is any indication of the future, you will be exceptionally pleased with the Continuum experience.

Our message is simple: In an industry mired in sameness, we promise our leadership and experience will lead Continuum Footspas to be totally different and totally committed to superior design, quality and customer service. 

The company's Pedicute portable pedicure is shown in the photo to the right.