Flowery Beauty Products was founded in 1910, about the same time the company’s original owner invented the emery board as an alternative to the more expensive metal files. For years the company was the only company that manufactured nail care and foot care products for salons and consumers. John H. Geils purchased the company in 1966, and his son Geoff (shown in photo, standing, right) now owns and operates the company out of its new facility in Danbury, Conn.

The company has a reputation for innovation. Its focus has always been on developing products that make the nail technician’s job easier with superior results. They have introduced many of the abrasives and file shapes used today for all aspects of nail care, including Satin Buff, the 3-way buffing system, which was discovered because it was being used in the aerospace industry for removing scratches from airplane windows.

Since 1980, the company has purchased a manicure stick manufacturing company, a pumice stone manufacturing company, a pharmaceutical company, and — in 1986 they purchased Swedish Clover pedicure products, makers of the original “Big Red Foot File.” In 1992, the company launched Purifiles (disinfectant-friendly nail files) to address the concerns of cross contamination.

More recently they introduced D-Files — individually wrapped disposable nail file and foot file system to meet the new sanitation standards demanded by the states and clients. Flowery has developed over 500 products under their own brands and for many of the largest personal care companies in the world. The company is committed to finding and developing innovative products that enhance the service and please the customer. Says Geoff, “We want everyone
to look great.”

<p>John Geils, shown here in a late 1980s photo.</p>

[2010]  Company purchased by Spilo Worldwide in 2008.