Footsies began formally in 1996 in Albuquerque, NM as a vendor of toe rings and anklets to salons, spas and nail technicians. Carrying high quality sterling silver, gold-filled and 14k gold foot jewelry, Footsies began to sell nationally and internationally. We expanded our line to provide both sized toe rings and then also adjustable toe rings, but lots of different anklets and barefoot sandals. Soon, Footsies had made some partnerships with other manufacturers and began to distribute other items, like specialty nail polishes (mood changing, glow in the dark, glow in black light, UV changing, etc) and pedicure/yoga sandals. 

With the move to Las Vegas in 2004, Footsies’ owner had a fateful conversation with an industry insider. Based on this great information, the company soon progressed into full-time nail supply distribution. Slowly Footsies has been adding more and more manufacturers to its distribution network and also continues to provide toe rings, as always. Recently, Footsies Beauty Network has begun distributing waxing and esthetician products, and is exploring expansion into hair care lines as well. Footsies’ goal is to grow into a one stop shop for salons, spas, beauty technicians and OTC stores.