La Palm Products presents, Gel II Manicure, a two-step soak off gel polish. Luminous nail color that applies faster, feels thinner, and lasts longer! Gel II introduces its professional system that is unique from any other on the market. Salon owners as well as customers have seen the benefits of Gel II™. 

Polished to perfection, Gel II™ is fused with essential vitamins and minerals that make nails stronger and healthier. These nutrients are able to directly enhance the nails because the Gel II™ system does not contain any harmful base coats or solvents. The gel polish stays on for weeks, protecting nails from everyday wear and tear while allowing them to grow beautifully.

Money in the bank! Gel II™ also offers direct benefits to salon owners. The faster application increases profits because salon staffs are able to seat more clients in a day. Eliminating base coats reduces apply time as well as an added expense to the salon and customer. Gel II™ polish lasts weeks on the nail and even longer in the bottle because of it’s thin silky consistency, extending shelf life.  Perfect to the last drop, Gel II™ won’t thin or dry in the bottle. 

Capture the quality! The entire Gel II™ system lends a hand to ensuring the best products from application to removal. Gel II™ is available across the globe in more than 20 countries.  For more information on this revolution in nail color technology, or to browse our chic selection of 140 fashion-forward shades, log on to