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Pretty in Polish: Who Won and Who’s Packing Up Their Brushes

Posted November 8, 2013


Congratulations to Julie on your first win! You won this week’s Misa Pretty in Polish challenge and the judges were impressed by your unique spin on “A Sin Worth Committing.” It’s even more amazing that you painted this design on your own hands! Many of our judges commented on how whimsical your design is and agreed that sweets are definitely “a sin worth committing”.


Here are just a few more of the great comments you earned:

Gelish’s Danny: I knew the theme before I read your inspiration! Excellent!

NAILS’ group publisher Cyndy: Julie took a nice wholesome approach! Sweets are my “sin” too. The detail of her designs is exquisite.

NAILS’ graphic designer Kim: I love Julie’s nails I just want to eat them! They have a cool pop art feel to them and work so well together. Great work!

NAILS’ assistant editor Brittni: I liked Julie’s playful interpretation of Misa’s A Sin Worth Committing. I was also very impressed with her detailing this week! The shading on the mouths and candy is excellent… and as a side note, I have a total soft spot for donut art.

NAILS’ senior editor Beth: As someone with an insatiable sweet tooth I can totally relate to your rendering this week. These nails look absolutely sweet enough to eat, and there is a lot of detail to sink our teeth into. In past challenges some of the judges commented that you needed to create crisper lines and you proved that you can definitely do that with this challenge. The choice in showing lips, tongue, and painted nails as your imagery do make this provocative name very playful, but it still maintains an alluring quality. So I think you hit the nail on the head with your inspiration. I also really liked the gold swirls throughout. I wished you had shown us that step on the thumbs for your Nail Art Gallery tutorial.

Read more comments about Julie’s winning look in our Top 3 & Bottom 3 article.

Julie will receive a product prize package from Misa Cosmetics worth $1,000. She will also have the opportunity to be featured on Misa’s website and social media.



The nail tech who is packing up her paintbrushes this week is…Winnie Huang. Unfortunately, as we get closer to the end it’s getting harder and harder to have to say goodbye to such great contestants. Winnie, as a relatively new nail tech, you might have been seen as one of the underdogs at the beginning of the competition, but how awesome that you made it all the way to the Top 5? You really impressed the judges with your unique style and your wacky attitude. We love your videos and your fun personality…and you’ll definitely be missed in this competition. You are a true original…and it shows in your nail art. We look forward to being surprised and delighted with so much more from you in the future! Winnie IS awesome! RAWR!

You can follow Winnie online: The RAWR Shop, Instagram, Facebook,and Twitter.


Tune in later today to vote for the Week 9 challenge. Good luck to our Top 4: Buddy, Julie, Lauren, and Ryoko, who will all continue in the competition.